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Tips for Staging Your Piqua Home

When you list your home, you'll be taking pictures, marketing your property online, and welcoming buyers in for showings. If you want to stand out —and maybe even get a higher closing price—then your home needs to look its best. That's where staging comes in! From polishing up your landscaping to depersonalizing your decor, use these helpful staging tips to leave a lasting impression on buyers. 

Create Curb Appeal

The outside of your home is the first thing buyers will see. If they're driving by and don't like what they see, they may decide not to pursue your home any further. That's why you should make sure that your curb appeal is maximized!

Power wash your siding, mow your lawn, weed your garden, replace your mailbox, and keep your sidewalk tidy.

Make the Front Porch Welcoming

The next step before buyers walk through your door? The front porch. Make this area a warm introduction to the rest of the house by dusting off any outdoor furniture, replacing your welcome mat with a fresh one, and putting out a few potted plants and flowers to add a pop of color. 

Spruce Up Outdoor Areas

Since the weather in Piqua is pretty nice for most of the year (minus those winters), buyers are going to want to know what your yard space is like. If you do have a yard, show off its potential by doing things like adding in a fire pit or setting out some outdoor seating.

Be sure to keep your yard space neat. Mow the lawn, rake up the leaves, and add a few decorations here and there.

Clear Out the Clutter

Cluttered houses are stressful—not just for you, but also for the buyers. Get ahead of your packing, and take the time to work through each room in your home, getting rid of things you don't need and taking out the extra furniture and decorations. 

Finish Maintenance Projects

Have you been putting off fixing that leaky faucet or replacing that faulty ceiling fan? The last thing a buyer wants is to inherit a long list of to-dos, so make sure you take care of things beforehand. You can even add a few value-boosting, DIY projects while you're at it! 

Clean, Clean & CLEAN!

You may not notice those smudges on your fridge or the dust bunnies in the corner...but buyers certainly will. Your home selling cleaning should be as thorough as the best spring cleaning, so break out some rubber gloves and put some serious elbow grease into every room.

Depersonalize Your Decor

While you might love your sense of style, that doesn't mean every buyer is going to. It's best to stick to neutral decor in order to help the buyer get a sense of what they can do with the space. Take down any family pictures or personal decorations, and paint your walls a neutral color, like white, light tan, or grey. 

Create Balance with Furniture

Furniture can say a lot about a room. If you stuff your room with furniture, it's going to feel uncomfortably crowded, and conversely if there are only a few pieces of furniture in the room, it'll feel a little awkward and lonely. Take some time to think about what mood you want your furniture to convey, and arrange it intentionally.

Increase Your Lighting

Throw open the shades, and let that sunshine in! Natural lighting is not only a mood-booster, but it'll also make your space feel larger. If the weather isn't cooperating, consider swapping out your light bulbs for ones with warmer wattage. 

Bring the Outdoors In

Since you want to keep your decor neutral, consider getting some inspiration from your garden to fill out the blank spaces. Not only will some potted plants or flower vases add a nice splash of color to the room, they'll also bring in some fresh scents, too.

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